Erhaltene Awards 
Ich bedanke mich für die freundliche Bewertung meiner Homepage.

Rechte Maustaste |Bild anzeigen|

Lieber Heinz !
Greetings from Ireland !

We did surf your creative, informative and
nicely designed place and checked both,
your textual and visual content as well as
your navigation.

But most importantly we had the overall
impression that the motivation for creating
your site is rooted in  kindness, dedication
and the wish of sharing and to inspire.

This attitude is a very precious one and
shows your ambition to make the net a
more human and friendlier place.
Beside beauty, content, originality,and
individuality we mainly try to catch the
spirit of a site and yours has heart, brain
and soul !


Rechte Maustaste |Bild anzeigen|

... from David, Tennessee, USA

DiazNet WebAward 2000/01

Hallo Heinz Güthling,

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihren sehr gelun-
genen Seiten. Wir freuen uns deshalb, Ihnen

           DiazNet WebAward 2000/01

in SILBER verleihen zu können.

Hier das Ergebnis für Ihre Seiten:

Design und Inhalt: 2
Ladezeit: 2
Navigation: 2

Wir hoffen im Interesser aller Besucher Ihrer
Seite, daß Sie auch weiterhin viel Freude an
der Gestaltung von Internetseiten haben, da-
mit die Qualität in Design, Inhalt, Ladezeit
und Navigation erhalten bleibt.

Weiterhin viel Erfolg mit Ihrer Homepage

Elias Diaz

Rechte Maustaste |Bild anzeigen|

Congratulations !

Your site as listed above has been chosen as a winner of

The Seasons of Change"

Silver Award for May 2001. I enjoyed my visit to your site.
Thanks for making the web a better place.
It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work into your web space.
This award is not automatic. All sites are viewed.

Rechte Maustaste |Bild anzeigen|

I visited your site and had a most delightful visit.
I wish I could have understood the words but alas, I
can only speak English. I tried to sign your guestbook
but I am afraid I did something wrong because I don't think
it showed up. Thanks again and I am attaching my
Southern Award
your great Site !